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Lupine & Poppy Birthing Services

Empowering Your Unique Journey

Choose from our range of comprehensive doula services, including prenatal consultations, postpartum planning, feeding plans, and personalized guidance, ensuring you receive the support that aligns perfectly with your journey into parenthood.
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Your Personalized Doula Experience Awaits

Let me accompany you through this transformative time, ensuring you receive the customized care you deserve.

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At Lupine & Poppy, I offer personalized doula services to support you on your unique journey. My range of offerings includes prenatal consultations, postpartum planning, feeding plans, brand recommendations, and tailored guidance. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive care or specific assistance, I am here to provide compassionate support and advocacy.

Explore Our Range of Services

and Consultation Options

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each consult comes with unlimited texts through the fourth trimester. my responses are limited to office hours, and may be subject to change at my discretion. Community pricing offered whenever possible, just ask! thank you!


Just the basics

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Designed for parents that know a bit and mostly want some tailored suggestions for their specific needs.



All the things

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Postpartum planning, feeding plans, brand recs, resource lists, all tailored specifically to you! I will be your



A bit extra

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For the parents that know a bit but would also like some guidance as baby grows. This includes one prenatal consult and one postpartum consult.



All the things + PP

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Everything included with
“All the things” plus a postpartum check-in, to make sure everything is going smoothly.



A virtual visit

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Lactation, formula feeding or combination feeding troubleshooting & support.

Milk storage, hand expression and pumping, tips for latch and feeding positions. 

$150/virtual visit


Private classes scheduled around you!

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We will cover: anatomy of birth, how to find your ideal birthing space and team, laboring after loss (when applicable), laboring positions (with or without partner(s) support), things to bring to your birth, preparing your space for postpartum and more!